Friday, April 22, 2005

Electronic Textiles 101

A participant tests the conductivity of the applique leaf-switch, during the workshop "Electronics Textiles 101" that Joey gave in Manchester. Joey went over the basics of electronics (current, voltage, V=I*R...) in the morning, and covered basics of conductive fibers and stitched circuits in the afternoon. By 5pm, everybody had sewn a "soft switch" out of conductive organza and various conductive threads, which illuminated when squished. We had a fantastic time. Thanks for inviting me, Janet Bezzant!
This is the back on the flower circuit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kelly's Body Organs

Kelly Dobson with her Body Organs at Goldsmith's College (for the 5th International Conference on
Creativity & Cognition 2005).

We have lots of people from
Concordia Fine Arts at the conference: Ingrid Bachmann and Barbara Layne from the Interactive Textiles and WearableComputers Axis of Hexagram (the three of us are also giving a special invited panel presentation on Monday), Chris Salter (who, together with Joey, Barbara and Sha Xin Wei, is one of the members of the Excitable Sites project), and Lorraine Oades, showing Invisible Sculpture #1/The Architects House.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spotty Dresses

Shirley, Hanna and Marguerite are modeling the "spotty" color-change dresses on the roof. The spots disappear when people touch you. Physical contact makes your camouflage disappear. You become nude, revealed... These three dresses are the first set of "Touch Memory" clothing produced in Banff during the summer of 2004. They jump-started the "Memory-Rich Garment" project.

Shermine puts makeup on Marguerite in preparation for the photo shoot.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Joey makes an evil face while groping her "Intimate Memory" shirt.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Company Keeper

Di Mainstone, a fashion designer from London who is currently working with the Banff team on the Am-I-Able Network extravaganza, visited us at XS Labs this week. She is showing her "Company Keeper" -- a garment that plays lovely music in its hood (great integration of speakers, by the way, very SOFT) in response to various body language cues (arms crossed, resting on hips and so on.) Through this collaborative Network grant, and our joint worshops, the Banff team as well as the SFU team have started using some of our tricks for soft computation: the "soft switches" made out of conductive organza, the use of various conductive threads and yarns etc... it's great.

Di Mainstone showing the Company Keeper, during her visit at XS Labs.